Museums in Naples - The torture Museum Naples

A unique exhibition of tools that produce pain and death

Disturbing objects in order to extort confessions

An exposition of the atrocious history of human torture

Probing and pillories chairs take you back back in time

Illustrations will lead you to relive with your eyes the most abominable crimes

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The most beautiful and unique collection of torture in South of Italy at the time of the Inquisition.

“A museum that illustrates how the human imagination has not had the limits in the search for means to impose the most abominable torture, forgetting every form of human respect”.   

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A collection of very memorabilia, between Gogne, belts of containment and masks of chastity, beyond that spectral figures in scenes of martyrs midway between the historic ambition and the effect horror, that bear behind in time.

Rare objects dating back to the XVI – XVII – XVIII sec , but also reconstructions of the late nineteenth century early twentieth century, original instruments, ancient and unavailable.

This is the museum of torture of Naples of the Association “Naples History and Culture”, and the aim is not only to expose a unique collection of instruments of torture, “but also to show the courage with which the city of Naples was opposed to the establishment of the inquisition.”

“…a real journey in human cruelty between gognemasks of chastityschiacciatoracechair inquisitoria.”

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the opinions of those who came to see us

A really great place, very suggestive and intriguing i highly recommend it to all. The owner is a really exquisite, friendly and competent. There are really so many tools used at the time of the inquisition. Thank you for bringing this news in our city!

Renato OrtiStudente

Interesting museum in the heart of Naples. Edited in detail, excellent historical reconstruction. Interesting are also the multimedia content. The Museum shows the torture but also tells the whole story about the Inquisition (including the Inquisition in Naples) Recommended!

Giuseppe CaliseVisitatore

Museum small but great impact,very interesting and well organized!highly recommended !

Daniela BorrielloVisitatore

Located in the historical center of Naples, the Museum of Torture shows us how in history man has applied his dominion (meaning by this term every human category), also in the manner most atrocious and in comparison with the woman has always received the worst treatment. The museum is not very large, the cost of the ticket is contained and it saves further if you students, moreover, the staff is really nice and very helpful.

Giuseppe ImparatoVisitatore

This is not just a museum.. but a real journey in history. Just crossed the threshold have been welcomed by the warm smile of the owners who, with their own culture and affability, have made this experience even more memorable. The unique pieces, the surreal atmosphere accompanied by music and realistic representations have more that satisfied my expectations. Worth a visit at least once!

Irene Helly CastielloStudentessa

“…Naples is the only city that was rebelled against the Inquisition. With this museum we want to remind you of what is ahead the Neapolitan people and different from the others”.

                                                                                                     by il Mattino

“Needless to retain these relics in a deposit , now these objects communicate and teach. The passion for the torture fascinates us because it helps to understand the aberrations of the human mind so as to improve”.

Oscar Mattera e Paolo Lupo

Directors of the Museum

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