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Redeemable coupon from/to - 01/01/2019 - 12/31/2022
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Hello !

Welcome to our page to purchase online your contribution to visit the Museum of torture. The Torture Museum is a private exhibition born of passion and effort of the Association “Napoli history and culture”. “Napoli history and culture” is a nonprofit association so it will ask you for the contribution to the visit of 5 euro (full price), that here we give you the opportunity to buy on line to do faster and not make you do file.


Reduced for students over 10 years that will pay 4.00 euros. 

How do I get down?

It is very simple, just start the purchase process, and choose the number of tickets to be purchased in relation to people who want to enter the Museum. Once you press the Send button reservation, you will be sent a summary page and that’s where you should enter the discount codes depending on your state.

Enter the code that you can use in the box 

For students over 10 years add this wording: ticket-student

N.B. Please note that if you use a discount code, as these mentioned is a must go to the ticket counter with a passport in hand.

Validity of the Ticket

Your input is valid to spend in the range of dates that are marked at the top, and is valid of course since the shopping online.

Choose the number of people depending on your needs and send your reservation!!!

Go !

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