This is the story of Maria la porta alba red dead killed by the ignorance of the people

The story tells of a woman named “Maria la Rossa” (because of the color of her hair) she was in love with Michael, who lived outside the city walls. When they opened Port’Alba, they were very happy because “mo putevane vederse all ‘ and juone and makes the love.”

However, whenever I tried to go past the door, a supernatural force prevented him from passing: there was no explanation, it must have been a curse. Young people, after several attempts, surrendered and Maria started to eat more “and so dry bones ‘ cacciaje facette fora, niro under the ca ‘ addeventaje, so ugly to people uocchie believed ca was na witch” … and so it was decided to hang the woman in a cage just below the arc Port’Alba, leaving it die of hunger and thirst.
“‘ the spirit of Mary, however, remained the”, and so many people, when the night is “black”, with no Moon, have seen wandering the restless Ghost in search of her lover.

we point out the wonderful article by Francesco Pipitone in the preparation of…/45544-leggende-lingua-napoleta…/)